Life imitates art

A new effort by the Perseverance Theatre seeks to capture the items of today for posterity.

On Wednesday, organizers announced that Alaska’s professional theater company will work with arts organizations across the state to create a time capsule that reflects life as it’s lived today.

“We hope that in collaborating with different leaders, we can decide together what sorts of things belong in the time capsule,” said Irene Martinko, literary associate at Perseverance Theatre and chairperson of the Statewide Time Capsule Committee, in a news release.

Once complete, the time capsule will be hosted onsite at Perseverance Theatre, which is located on Douglas Island.

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Finding Inspiration

According to the news release, Perseverance Theatre’s current production of “Voyager One” by Jared Michael Delaney is the inspiration behind the project. The play is a decade-jumping story about two people who are connected to Nasa’s 1977 space probe, Voyager One.

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The Voyager project included a record — plated in gold and officially called the “Golden Record” — filled with an eclectic mix of music. The record also included various “Sounds of Earth,” greetings in 55 different languages and images designed to share humankind with any extraterrestrial being who might discover Voyager 1 on its journey.

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