Live theater meets climate catastrophe-focused message in new event

Live theater and climate activism will converge on Saturday.

350Juneau and Theater Alaska will hold a free, family-friendly Climate Fair for a Cool Planet 3-5 p.m. at Mayor Bill Overstreet Park, the organizations announced.

“As our Alaska summer winds down, 350Juneau wants to highlight our precious and precarious planet by employing the arts to help us understand the urgency of taking climate action,” said Elaine Schroeder, 350Juneau co-chair, in a news release.

Performances will include a new dance piece choreographed by Hali Duran and performed in front of Tahku, the Alaska Whale Sculpture, and three short plays at different locations in the park. These plays include “A Miraculous Party” by Conor Lendrum in which two friends attend a party in the future and are confronted by a surprise change in climate; “Blood on the Leaves” by White House Champion of Change recipient Madeline Sayet, which is based on the traditional story of the Hunter and the Bear; and the comedy “Six Polar Bears Fell Out of the Sky This Morning” by New Zealand playwright Alister Emerso, which is about how disinformation can explain away hard truth. The plays are directed by Theater Alaska company member Christina Apathy (“A Miraculous Party,” “Six Polar Bears Fell Out of the Sky This Morning”) and Roblin Gray Davis (“Blood on the Leaves.”)

The actors performing in Climate Change for a Cool Planet include Erin Tripp, Bostin Christopher, Ibn Bailey, Margeaux Ljungberg, Natalia Spengler, Felix Thillet, Kristen Rankin and Lendrum. The dancers are Marisha Bourgeois, Ali Maricich, Anouk Otsea, and Ty Yamaoka.

Additionally, Juneau students Rose Katasse, Devin Moorehead and Kylie Morris will perform a dramatic recitation of selections from speeches by environmental activist Greta Thunberg.

“We are excited to present this fun and thoughtful event with 350Juneau” says Theater Alaska Producing Director Flordelino Lagundino in a news release. “This is a great opportunity for families and individuals to experience art in a spectacular outdoor environment as well as learn more about actions we can take to help preserve and protect our resources for future generations.”

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