Tim Eyman says they’re not after me but after taxpayers

In 22 years, we’ve qualified 17 initiatives for a vote. They all limited the governments’ power over us and have saved taxpayers $46.9 billion (lower car tabs, property tax increases, etc).

These amazing accomplishments happened despite fierce opposition.

Because I led those efforts, politicians and the press have been gunning for me for years. So in 2012, when a reporting complaint was filed, I knew it’d be a witch hunt. They spent nearly $2 million going after me, my family and friends. Retired Supreme Court Justice Richard Sanders wrote: “After hundreds of hours examining the facts and researching the AG’s case against you, it’s clear to me you didn’t violate any laws. You were never the committee’s treasurer — professional CPA Stan Long was — and he didn’t believe these transactions needed to be reported. He was right, the AG is wrong.”

As predicted, a Gov. Chris Gregoire-appointed judge recently rubberstamped the AG, ignoring the law and Constitution (learn why the case is fundamentally flawed: tinyurl.com/FergusonHypocrisy).

I’m committed to appealing these unconstitutional restrictions on the First Amendment because if they get away with it with me, you could be next.

While on appeal, despite the risks, I’ll keep fighting for taxpayers because politicians are hell-bent to impose income taxes and carbon taxes this session. We’re committed to stopping them.

The government’s eight-year witch hunt has cost me everything I have. But I’m not going to let them slow me down. Like President Trump said: “They’re not after me, they’re after you, I’m just in the way.”

Tim Eyman


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